2017 Nutcracker Cast General Information

We are very excited to be producing our 12th annual Nutcracker!  Putting on a production of this scale is a large undertaking. Please read this information carefully to avoid misunderstandings or confusion down the road. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at DanceOPG@gmail.com.


Olympic Performance Group provides professional-level performance opportunities to youth dancers and other performers in Kitsap County and brings dance production to our local community.  We are performing again at the North Kitsap Auditorium on Hostmark St. in Poulsbo, which has a professional stage and almost 500 seats. This venue allows for a larger production and also bridges the Bainbridge community with other communities in Kitsap County.



Performance fee – $300 per dancer  (fee is waived for non-student adult actors)

OPG is a nonprofit organization and does not make money on this production, which costs roughly $35,000.  The performance fee, due from all dancers within 2 weeks of casting, pays about one fourth of the expense of putting on a show of this caliber.  The remaining expenses we pay for through ticket sales, fundraisers and sponsorships. Just like participation in sports, your fee pays for choreography (coaching) and costumes (uniform).  It takes 15+ weeks to rehearse for the show, which averages to $20.00 per week to participate (not including shoes, tights, etc.).  In an effort to help offset the performance fee, families who bring in one or more sponsor donations or advertisements for the show program will receive two tickets to the Nutcracker performance of their choice. 

Other costs to anticipate (approximate):

$25 – Undergarments such as nude leotard, tights

$20-40 – Shoes depending on dance style

$20 – stage make up



Please note that dates with asterisks (*) are still to be confirmed. We will notify you of any updates and changes at the beginning of the rehearsal season, and provide a detailed production week schedule in October.

July 4th – Parade (optional)

August 30-31:  9:00-2:00:  FLOWERS REHEARSAL

September 5-8: 5:30-8:00: SNOW REHEARSAL

September 9th – Full Cast Rehearsals begin with an All Cast & Parent Kick-off Meeting at 11:00 am!

September 9th – 30th – Car Wash Fundraiser

October 31st – Halloween Downtown (optional)

November 25th – Downtown Tree Lighting performance (optional)

November 26th – Thanksgiving weekend (full run through Sunday evening 4-7:00)

December 2nd * – Dress Rehearsal / Photo Shoot / Media Day at the studio

December 3rd * or 10th* – full day Tech Rehearsal at Auditorium

December 9th and 10th – Full run throughs / dress rehearsals at studio

December 11th – Tech Week begins – rehearsals in studio and at N. Kitsap all week

December 15-18 – Production Dates



In order to participate in the Nutcracker production, dancers must be currently enrolled in a dance studio and take technique classes appropriate to their dance style.  Rehearsals do not provide enough skill building/maintenance or stamina building for successful performance.  Those who play sports would not expect to play a game well without going to practice and it is very similar for dance.



ATTENDANCEWe cannot emphasize enough how important it is to commit to, and attend, every rehearsal.  We understand that illnesses occur and certainly don’t want to spread things amongst the cast, but other than for illness or emergency, we expect cast members to be at every rehearsal.  Because missing rehearsal will negatively impact the success of the whole show, we reserve the right to re-cast the role if a member misses rehearsals.  It is expected we will be contacted at DanceOPG@gmail.com as soon as possible if a rehearsal is going to be missed.

DAYS/TIME – Beginning September 9th, we will be rehearsing every Saturday and may add Sunday’s for some pieces.  Starting in late November, there will likely be some rehearsal time on both days of the weekend for the entire cast.  We schedule rehearsals based on scenes of the production and make every attempt to schedule in a way that cast members need to be present for the shortest period of time.  Obviously, those in multiple scenes will have to be present for longer periods of time.  

*Plan on reserving Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. for potential rehearsal time*

*Sunday rehearsals may be added for some pieces*

Rehearsal time will most likely change from week to week depending upon progress being made.  A schedule will be sent out at the beginning of each week.  Dancers/gymnasts should come 15 minutes before rehearsal time to warm up.

FLOWERS / SNOW / SUGARPLUM CAST These are the most rigorous dances in the show and we begin rehearsal prior to September.  Dancers cast in either of these two scenes must be available to rehearse during the last two weeks of August.  Exact dates will be communicated upon casting.  We may also have to call a Friday or Sunday rehearsal for these pieces depending upon progress.



In order to pull this show off, it is essential that we have significant volunteer help.   For those of you that have done the show in previous years, you know that it takes many hands beyond just the performers to make it successful.  This is a nonprofit event and we simply cannot do this without you!  

Each family is required to commit 8 hours of volunteer time BEFORE the show weekend.  Areas to volunteer include:  promotions, set building, stage set up, costume sewing or steaming, fundraising, and advertising.  We can help guide you into what area would make the most sense based on your interests and personal schedule.

In addition, each family must commit to working at least one shift DURING the show in some capacity. This includes help such as set-up, ticket sales, concessions, ushering, stage crew, backstage supervision and clean-up crew.  Show preparation and clean up are areas we have really struggled to get enough help each year.  A sign-up sheet will be circulated early December.


While this is a lot of information to digest, we hope your take away is that participating in the OPG Nutcracker is a great opportunity.  We are eager to have you join us in this tremendous journey of team spirit, artistry and, most importantly, FUN!

On with the show!