Car Wash Info Sheet

Welcome to the 2017 Nutcracker Car Wash Fundraiser!

Last year’s sale of car wash coupons was so successful (and easier than our previous actual car washes) that we’ve decided to again make this our primary fundraising tool.

Here are the details of how it works:

  • Enclosed are your 10 car wash coupons good at any Brown Bear Car Wash. We are counting on you to sell all 10 coupons over the next 3 weeks for $10 each. Sometimes people want to donate extra money and that is great!  Checks made out to OPG are accepted.  Cash works, but not credit cards.
  • Please treat these coupons like you would cash – keep them safe, you are responsible for the face value of all 10 coupons ($100). OPG will need to return unsold coupons or pay for them.  Keep track of the cash received for the coupons you sell, as well as any unsold coupons.
  • Start with selling your coupons to parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends and their parents, co-workers, and anyone else in your circle. These are very easy to sell. Who doesn’t have a car that could use a few car washes? And who can resist an enthusiastic kid?  During your sales, talk about OPG and what this fundraiser helps us do:  put on a great show, buy costumes, and create beautiful sets.  You are our first marketers of the show – your enthusiasm will help bring people in to see you perform Dec. 16-18!
  • In an effort to support your sales goal of 10 coupons, and to sell additional coupons above and beyond our fundraising goal, we will be holding 2-3 sales drives outside of T&C and possibly some other locations around the island. A Sign-Up Genius will be going out shortly once I have an idea of the dates and times that are best for most of our cast.
  • On Saturday, November 4, 2017, please bring your proceeds from the fundraiser to rehearsal. I will be there to collect your money and any un-sold car wash coupons. If you sell all your coupons early, you may use the locked OPG drop box to deposit money you’ve received.  Be sure it is in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your name and the number of coupons sold plus a cash total.

Being part of any non-profit requires fundraising. For OPG, it is what allows us to minimize costs to members, pay choreographers and produce a high quality, local performance we can all be proud of.  Ten coupons is a great goal for each of us to shoot for and will bring in about $3,600 towards our production.  Wow!

Good luck OPG performers! You’ve got this!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Angela McLean, Fundraising Chair  or (206) 351-2790