Hair & Makeup – Nutcracker 2016


Each cast member should have their own bobby pins and hair nets if needed in your hair color, hairspray & other products or brushes.  Bring to the Auditorium.  Neat hair with absolutely no fly aways a must for the stage.  Gel and good hairspray are essential products.

Clara and Party Girls – Loose curls with a half-pony or pinned back at sides (to stay out of your face while dancing!). You will have a bow.

Adult Ladies – an Updo of your choice. Governess – Choose a style that adds volume and height and perhaps with curls. Jewels (barrette) in the hair.

Maid– hair up but with side curls and back curls

Karate Dolls– pony tail with gel to avoid fuzzies.

Doll-Bun with hair piece

Mice/Soldiers – bun, centered in back of head with hair net

Angel – bun

Snowflakes – high bun, 3 twists into bun

Mexican –

Thai –  High bun

Wildflowers-half-pony with loose curls

St Lucia– Half-pony with small bun.

Indian Peacock-French twist

Mongolian- will have a hat

Dutch Girls– 2 braids

Sugar Plum – bun

All Men & Boys – styled and use product to keep hair neat and in place



Makeup is to be worn by all girls/women. Boys/men wear the same, minus the eyeshadow, false eyelashes & red lipstick.  Label your makeup and please avoid sharing!


  • Foundation – any in your skintone or slightly darker (Revlon color stay lasts long & is relatively cheap)
  • Powder – complimentary to foundation
  • Blush – deep pink with brown undertones placed just under cheek bones
  • Eyeshadow – Brown tones – 3 shades – light tan under brow, dark for crease, medium dark for lid
  • Black eyeliner – liquid or gel are the best
  • Black mascara
  • Deep Red Lipstick – long wearing, smudge proof or color stay types – other’s rub off on costumes. A great one that many of the cast use is Covergirl Outlast Eternal Flame #521.
  • False eyelashes – any brand (Ardell Glamorous has a good line) Don’t forget glue! Steps for eyelashes: 1) put on eyeliner close to top lash line 2) Trim false eyelashes to lid length 3) Label case with R & L (if you replace the lashes into the case after each performance, they should last for all of the shows) 4) put a thin line of glue on false lashes 5) blow on it and count to 5 6) place on lid as close to top lash line as possible (if you are slightly off it is okay because the eyeliner line will cover it) 7) press in place with fingers and wait a few seconds to adhere -glue line color will fade