Please consider donating to OPG!

In 2015, OPG was pleased to join One Call For All (OCFA) on Bainbridge Island. OCFA is a one-stop resource for supporters of Bainbridge Island nonprofit organizations. Funds are raised through an annual island-wide mailing marked by the arrival of the One Call for All Red Envelope in all island mailboxes in October.  While the campaign ends on December 31st, contributions are welcome throughout the year.

Olympic Performance Group receives 100% of the donation amounts designated to us through OCFA.  We also benefit by receiving a portion of the general funds raised through the OCFA campaign; the more donors we have, the higher the portion we receive from the general fund.

If you are considering a gift of any size to OPG, One Call For All is the way to go.  Just click on the red box below and you will be directed to the OCFA donation page for Olympic Performance Group. 

THANK YOU for supporting OPG!