Where your donations go

Our goal of providing professional level dance performance and educational opportunities to our local youth is not an inexpensive undertaking.  From hiring professional choreographers, instructors and performers, set designers, costume designers to renting performance space, lighting and all the behind the scenes support that make the magic happen on stage, we spend significant funds to bring just one show to our local community.  We are thankful for all the volunteers we have who support our efforts with set building, painting and staging, sewing, and performance space supervision.  They definitely keep our costs manageable.  

Donations of any size make us one step closer to making things happen and keeping OPG on stable footing creating the ability to take on new projects, involve more youth and increase the opportunities for dance in our community.  Whether you give $10 through One Call For All or become our Principal Sponsor and give $5,000, our youth benefit from any level of generosity.  Our community’s willingness to give has been at the core of OPG’s success over the last decade.  

In-kind donations of all kinds are also welcome.  The possibilities are endless and have been such things as:

  • Fabric for costumes
  • Free advertising and printing
  • Pro bono design work
  • Donating a U Haul for set hauling
  • Postage
  • Lending props and decor
  • Special gifts to our cast (ice cream coupons)
  • Gift basket items to auction for scholarship fund

Please contact us at DanceOPG@gmail.com for more information.