Welcome to Olympic Performance Group!

We are a local nonprofit organization with the mission of providing dancers and other performers of all ages opportunities to collaborate and bring exciting original, classical and contemporary works to live audiences in Kitsap County. As a local performing arts company focused on the art of dance, we also view ourselves as champions for youth. Now in our eleventh year, we can recount numerous ways in which young people who participate in our programs develop skills for success in life: confidence, self-awareness, resilience, teamwork and the benefits of a good work ethic to name a few. While our goals are dance performance and education, we know the benefits to participation in our programs are for more expansive.

With auditions open to the entire community and across many genres of performance — such as dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern and ballroom), singing, gymnastics and acting—we strive to broaden the accessibility of dance performance and learning opportunities. Company members not only enhance their performing arts education, but also have opportunities to mentor younger participants, teach, direct, provide community service as well as train with professional guest artists. Our thriving local arts community is enriched and more complete through Olympic Performance Group’s contributions.



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What’s Happening…

Tickets now available for The Nutcracker: World Explorer

Tickets are now available for OPG’s The Nutcracker: World Explorer. This unique twist on the classic tale introduces us to a charismatic explorer and his intriguing side-kick who take us around the globe. From Bollywood to karate dolls to a giant playful puppy,... read more

Nutcracker Rehearsals Have Begun!

We had a great “Nutcracker Kick-Off” meeting on Saturday and officially began the 2016 Nutcracker rehearsal season. Looking forward to working with such a talented and dedicated cast! Performances are December 17-19. Tickets go on sale October 1st.... read more

Thank You, OPG Parade Marchers!

Thank you to our dancers and parents who represented OPG in the 4th of July Parade! And thank you to One Call For All and the other wonderful community organizations that marched with us. It was a fun day!  ... read more