Do excessive exercises cause hair loss?

Aug 12

Do excessive exercises cause hair loss?

Exercising is one of the essential things of life if you want to lead a healthy life. Above one-third of the world, the population will do exercises routinely this is a very good thing. Exercises can boost up your immune system and helps in hormone balancing. They not only help you in figuring out the shape it also helps in leading a healthy life. However, do you know that excessive sport training can lead to hair loss if your answer is no? Then get to know about it now, the excessive exercises lead to the severe hair loss problem in both males and females.

Reasons why the exercise cause hair loss

When you start doing a workout is going to consume your overall energy, in this case, you have to take a proper diet to regain that energy back. When there is no proper healthy diet, that makes your body weak and hair loss will occur.

workout routine for hair

The medical study has revealed that hair loss and sport exercise are interconnected one with one. When your body undergoes prolonged exercising activities that make your body to experience the chronic stress conditions. Due to this condition, your hair gets into the resting phase prematurely that causes severe hair loss than usual.

On excessive exercise the level of hormone secretion is also, get varies especially in women it causes a reduction in oestrogen and an increase in testosterone. This is one of the negative side effects of exercise. It not only changes the hormonal secretion also alters the menstrual cycle and cause the bone to brittle.

Generally, testosterone is sensitive to the boosting activities that occur in the body so they hurt those activities. On the secretion of this hormone, the hair growth gets reduces, and that makes your hair more prone to breakage by weakening it.

Excess in exercise

You can find when you are crossing your limits in exercises, you will be having insomnia, fatigue, and other weakness symptoms. When you have experienced some kind of symptoms you should minimize your workout time and should concentrate on healthy dieting.

It may be any form of exercise it should not take over 45 minutes it includes jogging, walking, stretches, etc. After completing your workout, you should take the vitamins, minerals, and proteins rich foods to control effect of workout routine for hair.

Final thoughts

Doing the exercise provides you so much of benefits until you crossing their limits, the excessive exercise starts to cause hormonal imbalance and hair loss, so get to know of it and do them accordingly.